World Bank forecasts that Panama’s economy will grow 6.2%

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The economic outlook for Panama during the next two years remains positive, despite a tough transition is expected in this 2015 by high borrowing costs and low oil prices.

According to a report released Wednesday, June 10, by the World Bank Global Economic Prospects, estimated that for this 2015, Panama will grow by 6.2%.

In 2016 the economy is forecast to grow 6.45 and in 2017 will stand at 6.5%. They are important figures when viewed Latin America and the Caribbean reduced growth by 0.4% economic problems is dealing internosque South America.

The problems facing the Southern Cone of America is widespread droughts, low investor confidence and low commodity prices, he said in its report the World Bank.

For the economist Rolando Gordon, is talking about positive indicators for Panama, figures over several countries in the region.

During the first quarter of 2015, the Panamanian economy grew 5.4%.

Gordon explains that because Panama continues to lead as a transit country for goods produced in the region, it is necessary to use the Canal and related services, which directly benefits the economic growth.

«There are a number of logistics services allowing Panama to continue growing,» said economist Gordon.

Further explains that investment in infrastructure will be important for investment and the economy grow, but if we were a country to sell iron, copper or material mining, «If we had problems.»

The World Bank said in its report that Panama will be strengthened in the region for infrastructure development, particularly in the port sector.

Social Aspects

However, Gordon emphasizes the fact that although the Panamanian economy is growing and has remained over the years, but social hayaspectos that are necessary to reinforce.

«It’s no use to grow, if the quality of life of people has not improved, it will slow pace compared with the growth of the economy,» said Gordon.

Detailing aspects such as education, public health, medical coverage, supply of medicines, drinking water, among others; that they are important for the country development.

Gordon said that having 39% of the labor market in the informal sector is not a very good indicator, because they are people who do not pay taxes or listed on the Social Security Fund.


Ernesto Chong de León, Ernesto Emilio Chong Coronado

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