Spain will continue to invest in Panama, Ana Pastor

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The Spanish minister stressed that the scandal Mossack Fonseca not affect the interest of Spanish companies in Panama

The Minister of Development of Spain, Ana Pastor, who was visiting Panama, said today that his country is interested in strengthening relations with Panama and continue contributing to the development with infrastructure investments.

«We are grateful to the Government of Panama and President Varela who continue to have confidence in Spanish companies. We have contributed our engineering knowledge in the last thirty years the country’s infrastructure, «he said.

Spain’s interest in Panama will not wane, according to the minister, for the June 26 elections in his country.

«Institutions should it be above the people and projects above governments,» he said.

Pastor ruled that the scandal papers Mossack Fonseca will affect the interest of Spanish companies in Panama. «We must all work in our field of competence and Spanish companies should continue to work as they have been doing,» he said.

The Spanish official said that work in favor of dialogue and understanding, when asked about the claims of the consortium carrying out the expansion work, led by Spanish construction company Sacyr.

«I would have to ask businesses. I am the Minister of Development. The important thing is that the Panama Canal is now a reality and is an element of improvement in the Panamanian economy and the global economy. We must thank the Government of Panama and Panamanians have made this effort, which will lead to the return of the country and international trade, «Pastor said.

«I think the important thing is that the work has been completed and this is a collective success. But no human work, and especially of this magnitude, there are no problems. As in life, there are problems, but the important thing is the result, «he said.

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