Positioning Panama consolidates regional trade

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Albrook, and Multiplaza Multicenter are some of the largest shopping centers in the city that thousands of people visit daily, even tourists, in search of an affordable diverse needs of the most demanding buyer offer.

Perhaps it is not surprising that today Panama is one of the most important shopping destinations in the continent, with the Colon Free Zone as standard, while the globe is the second largest after Hong Kong.

Official estimates report that sales could grow in the coming months across the local market as a result of year-end discounts, this time the business sector expected to boost discounts of up to 70 percent.

According to the Superintendency of Banks, in 2015 the total national savings would reach 35 thousand 649 million dollars, of which a large percentage is circulated by year-end shopping, the season starts with the popular Black Friday in late November.

By then, representatives of Metromall project a twice higher economic growth than in other times of the year indicated.

In this online offerings, a growing business in the country since they arrived in 2010 these platforms are added; success lies in two key factors: the purchases and companies seeking in them a means of massive exposure.

According to Vice President of Marketing Offer Simple, Chema Miselem, welcomed the Panamanian market the online business model where many companies found the ideal way to present their services to the public in a way that conventional advertising media failed to do so.

Banks also were inserted into this stream to allow customer transactions with debit and credit cards, both for the payment in stores and online payment gateways, and often encourage use plastic money to promote it benefits .

Diana De Ycaza, General Manager of Bank cards with such facilities seek to “meet the primary needs of our customers, knowing where and when to buy.”

It is significant that in this flood of products and brands, Panamanians prefer national, although foreign are leading the market for local consumption.

The latest study Shopper Deal of the multinational consulting firm Kantar Worldpanel revealed that the top ten local brands are preferred by consumers Café Duran, Blue Star, unique, Chiriqui, Pascual and La Doña.

Nevertheless Panama is, according to the Economic Commission for Latin America (ECLA), the sixth most unequal country in Latin America, and so appreciated value that distinguishes these businesses is not available to the poorest sectors of the society.

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