PMC start a new commercial road bringing a unique product from Brazil

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Since the beginning of this year PMC-Brazil office has been developing a particular project aiming to establish a new business path for PMC Group by taking advantage of Panama’s logistic and strategic situation as America’s Hub.

Combining these characteristics with some Brazilian exclusive products that already conquers consumers on other countries even being at the very beginning on market shares, PMC Rio’s executives understood that it’s time to target production areas, to profit from industries with unpaired goods on new commercial environments.

Having these thoughts on mind and considering focusing a great deal of his efforts not only on financial business since those are so sensitive facing economic or political crisis around the world, PMC-Brazil decided to open this new commercial road.

By bringing the AÇAÍ (“ç” sounds like “ss” and the “í” is the tonic letter) a tasteful deep violet colored fruit from Amazonia-Brazil to Panama, and willing to spread it all over Central America neighbors and North America as well, the company plans to build up strong relations and partnership with the most relevant groups in food and beverage business.

Now let us talk a bit about the açaí.

Also called “The Amazon Superfruit”, the açaí is one of the healthiest food in the world. Extremely rich in vitamins, minerals, fibers, good fat and antioxidants (offers over 34 times more than the red wine). Admired by young people and adults who search a heathy life style and love sports, its taste seduces everyone.

Besides, it has as good fat as olive oil. Improves the immune system. Strengthen the bones due the high calcium concentration. It fights anemia with high levels of iron.  By being rich in fibers helps the intestinal functions. Is an anti-inflammatory agent. Balances the cholesterol levels and contributes to heart’s proper functioning and blood circulation. Helps to prevent cancer and degenerative diseases and almost unanimously the extreme sports athletes adopt it as an excellent energy regainer.

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The most traditional way to eat açaí is blending it with guarana syrup and banana. People also use other fruits like strawberry or kiwi, or dry grains and oily seeds like peanuts, cashew nuts, granola and cereals. Some adepts also consumed with protein supplements, chocolate, cocoa and many other options that can vary according to each region and its culture.

In order to size the açaí growing consumption, in 2015 only Pará State harvest produces more than one million tons in extractive and cultivated lands. In this same year the açaí sales brings US$ 1, 8 billion to Brazilian economy. Considering foreign markets – açaí is going to North America (90% of exports), Germany, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, China, Arabic Emirates, France and Portugal – more than six thousand tons has been export in 2015 only by Pará State to Japan and United States generating US$ 22, 6 million and consolidating a 15% increase by year.

The Brazilian sanitary agency ANVISA has classified the açaí in three categories (popular, standard and premium) according to their addition of water when it is processed.

The AÇAÍ RIO imported by PMC is a premium product produced by Vitamaz Industries in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, under the highest standards of quality and it is a 100% natural food, gluten free and ready to consume.

AÇAÍ RIO will be available very soon at the best supermarkets and convenience stores all over Panama and many promotions will introduce this fruit cream to Panamanians.

Some special sales spots developed by designers in Brazil will take place in several malls and other places with high traffic of people to settle the brand and show how to consume, storage, enjoy and get the benefits of the AÇAÍ RIO, a Superfruit that will turn everyone into an AÇAÍ lover.

As Brazilians says:

“With AÇAÍ RIO anything is delicious!”

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