Panamanian Minister highlights opportunities for trade with Cuba

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Augusto Arosemena, ministro de Comercio e Industrias (MICI)

The Colon Free Zone (CFZ) today should open new markets, such as Cuba that is very attractive, said Augusto Arosemena, Minister of Trade and Industry (MITI) in a meeting with national and foreign journalists. In analyzing the economic crisis in the enclave sexagenarian, located at the Atlantic entrance of the Panama Canal, Arosemena said his future is outlined with a strategic reorientation including model change entrepot trade with high inventories in warehouses maintained for 68 years.

They begin to develop in the country regional distribution centers of multinationals, both in the ZLC, and in the southern Pacific Panama Free Zone, where goods are packed with essential information and signage for the retail network in each country, reported.

He gave the example of the Swiss transnational Nestle food, which installed on the Isthmus headquarters for purchases for factories in Latin America and the Caribbean, the third in the world after Switzerland and Malaysia; and also he referred footwear producers and appliances distributed from here to the region.

However, encourage manufacturing to turn Panama into producing country is now challenging the government when the Panama Canal expansion opens, Arosemena said.

Currently the highest earners of the nation come from services, mainly of the Panama Canal and its logistics system, banks and domestic trade, but the owner considers to be leveraged to manufacturing and value added that growing traffic of raw materials and products semi-finished.

He said he was proud when he visited the plant of an American company 3M, adjacent to the capital, where they produce abrasives and read «Made in Panama», something that «we are not used Panamanians» he said.

On this opening, where foreign capital predominates, academic Rubiel Cajar said in an interview with Prensa Latina, which is a tax model after the US invasion of 1989 and defended by four local power groups emerged after the conflict, who dominate the economy , politics and mainstream media.

«In recent years the government structures have it imposed laws, stocks, investments and infrastructure leading to Panama to create economic spaces within the national territory for large transnational corporations use by business platform,» he said.

To do this they copied the Singapore model, which was characterized by brindadas to foreign entities facilities, including the adoption of laws and subsidiary, where the foreign operator reaches prerogatives as a passport for five years and benefits similar to those diplomats , he claimed.

Despite the flourishing exhibiting the country in the last 14 years-the economy grew from 13 billion dollars in 2000 to 45 billion in 2014 is a question that most Panamanians are made: where they end up riches ? said professor.

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