Panama CBI deposits grow 5.6%

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Deposits International Banking Center (CBI) increased 5.6% in Panama March 2015 to March 2016 and revealed a recent report by the Superintendency of Banks of Panama (SBP).

According to the organization, CBI deposits stood at $ 46.955 million in March last year and $ 49,599.6 million for the same month of the year.

These numbers show that during the past twelve months, deposits grew $ 2,644.6 million.

The results also claim that this activity of the banking sector maintained its stability, despite the related creation of offshore companies in Panama news.

In this regard, the Banking Association of Panama (ABP) said a few weeks ago, said in a statement that ‘any financial system in the world’, the activity of the banking sector ‘is very sensitive to rumors and speculation that may affect the reputation and confidence about their activity ‘.

‘We all have the responsibility to protect national and individual interests, avoiding information being echoed that only seek to create instability and distrust of the sector’, he emphasized the ABP in writing.


The SBP indicates in the report that most of the deposits, 76% belong to individuals.

In March 2016, the total deposits, $ 37,462.1 million were from individuals, $ 9,222.3 million government deposits (19%) and $ 2,915.2 million deposits of the banks themselves (6%).


The report also presents information at the provincial level. Since 90% of deposits are concentrated in Panama, where deposits totaled $ 44,744.5 million in March 2016.

Columbus, meanwhile, deposits made by the order of $ 1,777.3 million, an 3.6% stake. While Chiriqui deposited $ 1,608.7 million (3.2%).


‘The banking sector is very sensitive to rumors and speculation’,




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