Panama Canal will increase contribution to the state of $ 600 million in 2017

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With the start of operations of the expanded Canal, last Sunday, an increase of 927 vessel transits estimated neopanamax

The contribution that the canal will Panamanian Treasury in its next fiscal year (2016-2017) will increase from one billion dollars this year to 1,600 million, according to the budget Canal revenues approved today by the cabinet Government ministers.

Through a resolution, the cabinet approved the budget project conceived for the period from October 1, 2016 and September 30, 2017, in addition to 1,600.6 million dollars will go direct to the public coffers includes 208, 5 million in indirect contributions.

The administrator of the Panama Canal Authority (ACP), Jorge Luis Quijano, told the ministers for that fiscal year increased 263.2 million in toll revenues, reflecting the increase of 54.4 million is projected tons PC / UMS 97 (a universal system of tonnage) and increased by 2.6 million containers pass through the road, the presidential office said in a statement.

In total, the “tonnage” that will pass through the channel in the period increased by 15.8%, according to estimates by the Executive Vice President of Planning and Business Development for the ACP.

Quijano added that with the start of operations of the expanded Canal, last Sunday, an increase of 927 neopanamax transits of ships and a decrease of 820 transits of Panamax type and other minor estimates; and an increase of 62.6 million PC / UMS tons in neopanamax 97 vessels and a decrease of 8.2 million tons in panamax vessels and other minors.

“In this budget the resources necessary for the maintenance of equipment and infrastructure of the Channel are included, in order to ensure availability and reliability, to meet the demand for transit and to meet the investment program,” said the President.

The waterway generates annually about 2,600 billion, of which 1,000 million are transferred as a contribution to the Panamanian Treasury. With enlargement, the state expects this contribution to triple in 10 years.

The proposal approved by the Cabinet Council shall be forwarded to the National Assembly for consideration and approval, he recalled the official source.

Panama Canal closed fiscal 2015 with revenues of 2,610.2 million, 8% more than projected, although slightly lower than 2014, and 340.8 million tons of cargo, 9.8% above I estimated.

The construction of the extension, which allows the passage of ships with up to 13,000 containers, three times more than in the centuries-old route, started in 2007 with an initial cost of 5,250 million dollars.


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