Panama becomes the axis of Latin American strategy of Air France

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The French airline, the Air France KLM Group, announced the opening this month of its sixth flight frequency between Panama City and Paris. Air France has doubled its flight frequencies from opening two years ago. Presence of multinational executives, key to this development.

Following recent and shocking attacks in Paris, representatives of the French government and the private sector Gallo have recognized the need to move on and return to normal, however the effects and special security measures have been implemented to prevent there further terrorist acts.

Reflecting this approach is the decision announced this week representatives of the French airline Air France on the opening from this month a new daily flight between Paris and Panama City, leading to six weekly frequencies operating on this route, and disclosed media briefing held at the residence of the French ambassador Panama, Philippe Casanave.

The novelty involves additional flight operation from this month until the end of the European winter season (November to March), between Tocumen International Airport in Panama City and the Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris, and on airplanes tip Boeing 777-200 equipped with new cabins long distance company, and according to representatives of the airline could happen next year to have a daily flight, or the seven weekly frequencies and KLM which has on its flights between Panama City and Amsterdam platform.

Goals and purposes

Zoran Jelkić, vice president of the Caribbean, Indian Ocean and Latin America Air France KLM, recalled that KLM, which began in 2008 to operate three weekly flights to Panama, had in 2011 with a daily flight, which is expected next year You can make a new ad, and plan and be a very significant investment and that also has to do with new seats, as noted.

Another achievement for the executive was that Air France has doubled in two years its offer in Panama City-Paris route, and further develop connections between Panama and Europe, and to Asia and China.

He said that the 13 weekly flights to the Group from Panama representing over 420,000 seats are made available between Panama and platforms in Paris and Amsterdam, to which connections are added to the world, and through more than 316 destinations globally.

From their perspective, the presence of many multinationals in Panama is another opportunity to see the group, and is also working in the tourism issue through commitments as a contract signed with the Tourism Authority of Panama (ATP). He also appreciated the importance of the cooperation established by the European Group with the Panamanian airline Copa Airlines.

Jelkić, who stressed that the Panamanian president Juan Carlos Varela will travel next Saturday on an Air France from Panama to Paris to participate in the Summit on Climate Change COP 21, said that most of the traffic coming from Asia or Europe in connection It is going to the countries of Central America.

The French ambassador said under the announcement, and as part of binational integration effort, the two-day visit Panama this week to representatives of leading French business association, who had contact with Panamanian ministers and representatives of the Chamber of Commerce , Industries and Agriculture of Panama.

It also highlighted the establishment in 2013 of the direct Panama to Paris

as a very important step taken in this relationship, and admitted that was favored by the dynamics of the Panamanian economy, in addition to its «logistics hub» (center) and the installation of multinationals in this Central American nation.


Delile Bruno, vice president of passenger long-distance network of Air France, acknowledged in an interview with Business Strategy and that the airline is operating normally based on their values ​​and services, regardless of what happened, in response to questions about potential impacts on the aviation business after the attacks in Paris.

«We operate as before the events (attacks). Have it implemented measures much stronger security, and the revision with X-ray and the use of technology in the luggage and people before boarding, besides the increase of measures in sensitive places such as airports, «he said executive.

Delile said no planned nothing new in terms of promotions and rates on airline tickets.

When asked about the possible effects of the attacks in France in the business of commercial aircraft, the representative of Air France recognized the possibility of a reduction in some travel in connection with markets such as China and Japan, but stressed the interest of the airline to continue competing in different places.

As to whether the Latin American market can serve to offset the cyclical downturn that may be on some flights, Delile reaffirmed that interest in the region is not new and that will continue.

More amenities

Delile noted for his part in the act that Panama is one of the few destinations in the airline whose flights may fully enjoy the benefit of the chairs and cubicles redesigned for better privacy and comfort, and development of a project launched in 2012 after asking customers how they could improve the products and services of the airline, and providing renew 44 Boeing 777 aircraft, which have been adapted 22, and has involved an investment of around 500 million euros.

An investment of 200 million euros is further contemplated in the new business cabin KLM, he will also be added.

The seats are business class explained that convert into flat beds of two meters, and were made with special textures and looking for a good balance.

Another added value mentioned Delile for airline flights, with attention, is coordinating the menu on business class flights by three great French chef, and presented to the chef that came with the flight that brought him this time in France, and access to a larger screen passengers, among other facilities.

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