Panama aims to tourism international conventions

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Faced with competition in the international tourism market, Panama seeks to diversify its offer and aims for the tourism market of international congresses and conventions. Placed in a prominent position in the region of Central America.

To consolidate in the international market, Panama attends this year’s international fair Imex in Franfurt, Germany, the most important of this economic activity.

They are more 10,000 visitors, including operators, exhibitors, journalists and other industry professionals participating this year in the Imex fair in Franfurt, Germany in which there is at least about 3,500 companies registered.

There are three days of release in which Panama has the opportunity to project the advantages and benefits offered by the country to potential customers in Europe and around the world participating in the exhibition meeting, said Gustavo Him, manager of the Tourism Authority Panama (ATP).


It is a delegation, private-government joint venture company in which the institution seeks to project the country and capture all those customers, adds the deputy administrator, Jennifer Champsaur.

Both officials and his team of technicians, prepared in several languages and vast knowledge of the Panamanian proposal, welcome visitors who come to the pavilion and are interested in knowing what you have to offer the country the Panama Canal, said Him .

There are 16 companies that have a presence in the Panamanian flag that becomes three-day fair from 19 to 21 April in a «corner» of Panama in the center Convention Franfurt, where entrepreneurs seeking information exchange and tourism business connection between the old world and the new world.


But what Panama has to offer Europeans? is a question that responds Luis Clement, promoter of the RIU chain: it is a country with a capital and major public infrastructure that is constantly growing, international air connectivity, besides the Panama Canal and ports of the first world, a strong currency like the dollar and especially the short distance between all its attractions.

The idea reinforces Crown Salvador Perez, who also has his place in the Panamanian flag. Perez said that the capital has many attractions, but stresses that the country offers short distances diverse landscapes, beaches, mountains, gastronomy and a great tourist and cultural offer, we must attract tourists Convention as a complement that also seeks a leisure days

Panama has much to offer in leisure tourism, but we must expand the activity and turn to other fields such as tourism conferences and conventions, that while it is true has a lot of activity, need to be reinforced because it can grow much more and help hotel occupancy, he says, the administrator of the ATP.

Given the international situation, European countries seek security for their customers, suppliers, as well as for their workers time to time are invited to international conferences and conventions.


Panama is not the only country in the area at this fair, the giants of activity as Mexico, Colombia, Brazil and the Dominican Republic have made pavilions. For Central America, have huge pavilions for Central America are Costa Rica and Guatemala alone in a group of 150 countries

Each of the companies represented in the flag of Panama, has an exclusive cubicle which have already scheduled prior to cater to potential customers and those who attracted by the country’s entrepreneurs in addition to the Canal, has beautiful approach dating beaches, mountains, rain forest, an attractive dining, shopping tourism and many other benefits that become the spearhead and reinforce the idea that Panama is a paradise and is ideal for the development of this type of activity scenario.


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