Foreign investment and competitiveness, “Panama hub of the Americas”

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Among the topics of most interest among countries see foreign investment as it offers growth economies and increased competitiveness.

Internationalization is based on long-term capital in any foreign country for the creation of agricultural, industrial and service companies.

That is why nations encourage investment to choose their country and establish these operations, is considered to be a bridge in economic progress to promote scientific research, technological development, communications, transport, goods and services, education, training and everything that can be given to economic development.

Panama ranks as one of the countries that has benefited most from foreign investment, which is why in 2014 foreign capital invested 4000 was $ 718 million.

All this economic boom makes new businesses in Panama open new markets and expand existing ones with improved levels of competitiveness and internationalization of the countries.

Different investors have seen in Panama a stable economy being marked as a source of stability and opportunity.

European investors as the Spanish and Colombian and Venezuelan partners continue to invest in the Isthmus of Panama.

Currently companies can have tax benefits for operating within the national territory by encouraging investors to invest in this land have economic benefits, marked by the various business units such as the wholesale and retail trade, transportation , manufacturing, hotels and tourism market, restaurants and the free zone as an important economic area for the country.

Currently being developed greater logistical supply and creating more maritime infrastructure development, education is one of the objectives to be developed to make people more competitive and able to meet the workforce the country needs to fill the jobs that have been taking , it is working on providing more legal certainty to investors stability and create an attraction of more investment and contribute to the development and growth of the market in Panama.

Ernesto Chong de León, Ernesto Emilio Chong Coronado

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