Everything ready for the XXIV Panama Banking Convention

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From 22 to 24 July, more than 300 representatives of national and international banking International Banking Center of Panama will be present at the XXIV Annual Banking Convention, to be held at the Sheraton hotel in this city, where they discussed various topics of current importance related to the sector.

The event, organized by the Banking Association of Panama (ABP), will be opened by the president of the union, Jaime Moreno. In the plenary session on the first morning a conference on ‘Corporate Governance’ issued by the Secretary General of the Superintendency of Banks of Panama, Gustavo Villa will be presented.

Then the head of the Ministry of Economy and Finance, Dulcidio De La Guardia, talk about the ‘Vision, planning, objectives and priorities, primarily economic, financial, budgetary measures and government investment’. This first plenary session will conclude with a conference by the outgoing president of the National Council of Private Enterprise (Conep) and Executive Director of Convivienda, Elisa Suarez Gomez, with the theme ‘Competitiveness in Panama: challenges and proposals from the private sector’.

On Thursday, July 23, the opening of the second plenary session will be led by the president of Banco Colpatria in Colombia, Santiago Perdomo Maldonado, who will speak about an important current topic: ‘The importance of reducing the use of cash for economy ‘. It will dictate the conference that the director general of the office in Mexico of the International Chamber of Commerce, Yesica Gonzalez Perez, who will discuss the role of this body as ‘The key to access the world for entrepreneurs and financial institutions’.

For midmorning, the ABP has scheduled the conference “Trends in corporate governance and comprehensive risk in the Panamanian banks’, whose speaker will be Arturo Carvajal, a partner at KPMG Advisory.

In the afternoon a series of simultaneous workshops include lectures and panel discussions on topics such as corporate governance, ethics and morality in the banking and financial institutions, custody of bearer shares, the impact of Law 23 against money laundering in banks held , fiduciary and financial system’s role in terms of swift compliance transfers to correspondent banking, human resource perspectives regarding corporate governance, among others, organized by various standing committees of the Association working in the areas of Human Resources , Law, members of Swift and Internal Audit and Risk Management.

The last plenary session of this XXIV Panama Banking Convention on the morning of Friday the 24th, opened with a panel on ‘Panama and the OECD’, with the participation of lawyers and experts in the field, Gian Castillero, Adolfo Linares, Carlos Ernesto Gonzalez Ramirez and Luis Laguerre. Immediately after, another round table, ‘strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of the International Banking Center and the national banking system in the short, medium and long term’ will be discussed, with the participation of the German bankers Raul Z., Executive Vice President and general manager of General Bank, representing the Panamanian capital banks; Aimeé Sentmat de Grimaldo, president of Banistmo, SA, representing Latin American banks; and Antonino Sauve, CEO of BSI Bank (Panama) SA; on behalf of the European banks. The moderator will be Paul A. Smith, president of the board of the ABP. It will act as rapporteur E. Marisol Sierra, Vice President of Operations and Administration of Metrobank, SA

In the afternoon it is scheduled a workshop organized by the Risk Committee of the Banking Association of Panama with the theme ‘Liquidity risk under Basel III standards’ with foreign specialists recognized experience as Rick Trent, a member of the American Institute of CPA with a global vision, and Luis Torres, an economist and director of Chatham Financial Corporation of Colombia on methodological applications for risk management.


Panamanian banks

In the country a total of 49 banks operate.

In Panama there are two official banks, about 29 foreign private banks and 18 private Panamanian banks.

Based on data from the Superintendency until May 2015, the International Banking Center assets reached $ 112.282 million.

Source: laestrella.com.pa

Ernesto Chong de León, Ernesto Emilio Chong Coronado

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