EE. UU. Panama sees as friendly destination for seniors

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Agency realtors are interested in promoting the American nation

PANAMA. Panama is seen today by the «Realtors» from the United States as a «modern friendly destination», the expected hosting a wave of «baby boomers» (those born between 1946 and 1965) once overcome the financial crisis in that country, said a worldwide industry leader.

The president of the «National Association of Realtors’ (NAR), Chris Polychron, said he was» impressed «with Panama and» love of hospitality «of the people» and that favors «to the point that he confessed,» I wish I it was a ‘baby boomer’ «(boom generation later the Second World War) to move.
Polychron came to Panama on Wednesday heading a large delegation of experts from NAR, with over 1.5 million members, to explore the conditions of the country and sign a partnership agreement with his counterparts from the Association of Realtors Estate (ACOBIR).
He specified that «we started a new partnership with ACOBIR» with the signing of the cooperation agreement.
«We continued to see Panama as a great destination for them,» the ‘baby boomers’ and we believe this trend will remain so, «admitted Polychron, who described the crisis of 2008 forced many to postpone their retirement plans .

He said the professionals «will see this trend and are going to put a face to all Americans and I’m sure they’ll come back to see Panama and years ago.»
The veteran leader said NAR offers members of ACOBIR be «International members» and once so «can share business expertise in the US market and is a way to meet the two cultures, not only from the point of view of industry but also personal. »
He emphasized that one of the key points is its code of ethics, «globally recognized» and that «is something we want internationally lead to other partnerships, in this case ACOBIR, and that’s going to help the Panamanian better understood as It makes a transaction in the United States and vice versa, «he said.

For its part, Carla Rayman, president of NAR link with Panama, said that coming to the country since 2005 and, in addition to being «in love with the hospitality» of Panama, said that «there are many business opportunities between both countries.»
The country and the city in particular, «has changed dramatically since the first time I came, the development has been dramatic, the» sky line «(Horizon) Panama City could be comparable to any city in the United States» .

«It has improved the infrastructure is world class and renewal of green spaces such as the Balboa Avenue, which have nothing to do as it was years ago when I came,» he said.

ACOBIR president, Eric Van Hoorde, told the Efe news agency that the agreement with NAR is indefinite and emphasized that this is the main organization of realtors in the world.
The interest of the property could generate $ 150 million investment for Panama.
Source: EFE

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